Facial Treatments

Do you want your skin to look younger, firmer, healthier and more vibrant? Our tailored facials are high performance and focussed on outcomes. We are passionate about enhancing the health of your skin and addressing concerns such as premature ageing, pigmentation, acne and sensitivity to bring out your natural beauty, not cover it up.

Everyone’s skin is different therefore all our facials begin with a thorough skin analysis and the development of a treatment plan drawing from our range of professional grade peels, serums and hydrators; and modalities including microdermabrasion.

At the conclusion of your treatment you will receive post treatment advice from your therapist who will also guide you through our cosmeceutical skin care range. Our facials include extraction of milia and comedones (blackheads) if required. 


Light therapy stimulates your skin through the application of light energy at specific therapeutic wavelengths designed to either treat a specific skin concern (such as acne), or be converted into cellular energy used in the production of collagen and elastin. When used in conjunction with a targeted facial or anti-aging treatment light therapy can greatly increase the results of your treatment by giving your skin the fuel it needs to create change.


The Pellevè and Dermapen TM treatments offered at Enhance Skin Body Beauty are designed to engage and support the natural healing and repair responses in your skin while delivering results. When combined with a tailored cosmeceutical skin-care routine you can keep your skin healthy and looking great, avoiding the need for more invasive treatment options (such as Botox, filler or surgery) in the future.


SkinDNA™ takes the guesswork out of skin care instead using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities based on your DNA.  At its core, SkinDNA™ uses the correct ingredients and treatment modalities to effectively target your genetic blueprint and ensure you never waste a single cent again on products or treatments that don’t work for you. The test examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with Firmness and Elasticity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage and Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage, Sensitivity and Inflammation.

The SkinDNA™ test takes just two minutes and three easy steps:
1. Collect: A swab from the inside your cheek will be collected and sent to the accredited SkinDNA™ lab for analysis.
2. Diagnose: Within 7 days you will receive a comprehensive SkinDNA™ Report that ranks each genetic marker low, medium or high risk. This report is analysed and explained to you, and from the results a customised skin health plan, combining product, supplements and modalities will be created.
3. Prescribe: Using the results from the SkinDNA™ Test your O Skin Expert is able to confidentially recommend an appropriate routine to prevent and correct skin concerns and preserve a more youthful looking skin.

Skin DNA Test and Consultation