Serum Absolut Firming Collagen Booster

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Serum Absolut Firming Collagen Booster


Maximizes collagen levels for a more lifted, sculpted look - 30ml

The ultimate “youth-keeping” serum. Visibly lifts and firms while helping to protect vital collagen from losing its spring. Also helps maximize the results of clinical procedures by maximizing new collagen production. Works to inhibit glycation for long-term protection of vital collagen.

  • Immediately tighter-looking skin
  • Rebuilds skin density to firm and lift
  • Inhibits glycation to prevent loss of elasticity
  • Boosts skin radiance and improves skin smoothness
  • Minimizes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

For all skin types

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A perfect molecular cocktail of active peptides, proteins and plant stem cells provide an efficient treatment to help boost collagen levels and assist in maintaining long-lasting collagen function that will ensure the look of healthy and youthful skin.

Peptides produce biological effects by signaling cells to perform various functions by attaching to “receptors” found on the surface of each cell to mimic natural processes of skin communication and repair.

How to use:
Apply to clean face morning and evening. Leave for a minute or two before applying other products. Follow with another anti-aging/repair Serum Absolut if desired, and then with your Force De Vie moisturizer. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Key Ingredients:
MARINE ALGAE + PULLULAN create a micro-thin “second skin” that instantly firms and smoothes fine lines. It delivers both a fast, instant tightening experience, and a superior long-term skin firming effect.
STEM CELLS obtained from oranges help increase the synthesis of elements forming the extracellular matrix; improving its structure for a renewed skin appearance, fewer visible wrinkles and improved feeling of elasticity.
SYN-TACKS a peptide combination, stimulates the proteins of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction to improve skin tonicity, firmness and suppleness, enabling molecular communication within the skin.
PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-5 boost the synthesis of collagen, improve skin tonicity, cellular cohesion and anti-wrinkle action.
HEXAPEPTIDE-10 is a firming active that promotes double-cellular activity on both keratinocytes and fibroblasts increasing the synthesis of Laminin-5, α6-integrin and hemidesmosomes, thus strengthening the dermo-epidermal junction for a better skin compactness.
NIACINAMIDE helps preventing skin aging by reducing collagen breakdown, while increasing fibroblasts. Studies with human fibroblasts showed that niacinamide stimulate new fibroblasts by 20% and collagen secretion by 54%.
PLANTAGO LANCEOLATA LEAF EXTRACT organically grown in the Swiss Alps protects the skin from aging and helps it densify the extracellular matrix by stimulating collagen I synthesis.
OSMANTHUS FRAGRANS FLOWER EXTRACT protects collagen against collapse from the toxic effects of glycation, which can lead to a loss of firmness and elasticity.  In combination with collagen boosters this activity provides a powerful approach to fibroblast reactivation.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice**†, AQUA / WATER / EAU*†, Glycerin**†, sodium hyaluronate*†, Algae extract*†, pulllan*†, NIACINAMIDE*†, CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS (ORANGE) CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT*†, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5*†, OSMANTHUS FRAGRANS FLOWER EXTRACT*†, Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract**†, Salix Alba (white willow) Bark Extract*†, hexapeptide-10*†, Peucedanum Ostruthium Extract**†, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine†, CAMELLIA SINENSIS (GREEN TEA) EXTRACT**†, Palmitoyl*†, Dipeptide-6 Diaminohydroxybutyrate†, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract**†, Saccharomyces Lysate Extract*†, DIMETHYL SULFONE (MSM) *†, Glucose*†, Xantham Gum*†, Glucose Oxidase*†, Lactoperoxidase*†, Lecithin*†

*  NATURAL-derived / Dérivés de Naturel and/or ECOCERT
†  Low Hazard Rating of “Green 0 – 2” (non-toxic, non-irritating)