We specialise in skin

We love indulgent result driven facials.
We're passionate about active tailored skincare.

We pride ourselves on great shellac, manicures and pedicures. We do everything with care and attention to detail, whether it's body treatments, waxing, tinting or spray tans.

The Enhance team is passionate about skin care and always strives to provide great results that make you feel happy, youthful and confident in your own skin.

Salon Director, Amy Parker- Hill, has created a beautiful space of warmth and harmony that aims to nurture our clients from the moment they walk through the door.

Our values form an integral part of the business and are what make Enhance different to other salons. We pride ourselves on our professional attitude, our eye for detail and being attentive to your every need.

We care deeply about our clients and always strive to build strong, ongoing relationships to bring out the absolute best in you. 

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Facial Treatments

Do you want your skin to look younger, firmer, healthier and more vibrant? Our tailored facials are high performance and focussed on outcomes. We are passionate about enhancing the health of your skin and addressing concerns such as premature ageing, pigmentation, acne and sensitivity to bring out your natural beauty, not cover it up.

Everyone’s skin is different therefore all our facials begin with a thorough skin analysis and the development of a treatment plan drawing from our range of professional grade peels, serums and hydrators; and modalities including microdermabrasion.

At the conclusion of your treatment you will receive post treatment advice from your therapist who will also guide you through our cosmeceutical skin care range. Our facials include extraction of milia and comedones (blackheads) if required. 


Light therapy stimulates your skin through the application of light energy at specific therapeutic wavelengths designed to either treat a specific skin concern (such as acne), or be converted into cellular energy used in the production of collagen and elastin. When used in conjunction with a targeted facial or anti-aging treatment light therapy can greatly increase the results of your treatment by giving your skin the fuel it needs to create change.


The Pellevè and Dermapen TM treatments offered at Enhance Skin Body Beauty are designed to engage and support the natural healing and repair responses in your skin while delivering results. When combined with a tailored cosmeceutical skin-care routine you can keep your skin healthy and looking great, avoiding the need for more invasive treatment options (such as Botox, filler or surgery) in the future.


SkinDNA™ takes the guesswork out of skin care instead using science to identify the most suitable skin ingredients and treatment modalities based on your DNA.  At its core, SkinDNA™ uses the correct ingredients and treatment modalities to effectively target your genetic blueprint and ensure you never waste a single cent again on products or treatments that don’t work for you. The test examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with Firmness and Elasticity, Wrinkling, Sun Damage and Pigmentation, Free Radical Damage, Sensitivity and Inflammation.

The SkinDNA™ test takes just two minutes and three easy steps:
1. Collect: A swab from the inside your cheek will be collected and sent to the accredited SkinDNA™ lab for analysis.
2. Diagnose: Within 7 days you will receive a comprehensive SkinDNA™ Report that ranks each genetic marker low, medium or high risk. This report is analysed and explained to you, and from the results a customised skin health plan, combining product, supplements and modalities will be created.
3. Prescribe: Using the results from the SkinDNA™ Test your O Skin Expert is able to confidentially recommend an appropriate routine to prevent and correct skin concerns and preserve a more youthful looking skin.

Skin DNA Test and Consultation

Hands & Feet

Waxing & Tinting

Body Treatments


Inika mineral cosmetics use only the finest natural ingredients sourced from Australia and around the globe. They are 100% vegan, certified organic and packaged using recycled materials. Incredibly easy to use, they stand up to heat, humidity, and perspiration providing a beautiful natural look and great coverage. 

Our Product Range


We love O Cosmedics because their range of highly active products give your skin a workout with great results.

Youthful, healthy skin requires daily commitment partnered with superior formulations. When you give your skin daily attention with O, you’ll benefit from the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science blended harmoniously with nature. It’s skin care integrity at its best that delivers a staggering list of benefits you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life. 

We love Luzern because their products are gently active and luxuriously effective promoting optimum skin health.

Luzern creates luxurious skin care that contains natural BioSuisse ingredients and cosmeceutical grade active ingredients in clean, cold processed formulations for the transformative results you want without skin-aging chemical irritants and additives you don’t.

The Luzern line is the ideal choice for people who want luxurious and pure skin care but do not want to sacrifice results. 

We love Inika Organic cosmetics because they are incredibly easy to use, they stand up to heat, humidity and perspiration providing a natural look and great coverage. 

INIKA. Pure. Natural. Flawless. The #1 certified organic make-up brand, trusted worldwide and the makeup of choice for stylishly natural women everywhere. Winner of multiple cosmetic awards, outperforming even non-organic brands; INIKA has smashed the myth that natural make-up has to compromise on performance or fashion.

Bookings, Deposits and Public Holidays

Our appointment times are limited, especially on popular days. In order to service all our valued clients, we require a 50% deposit to secure bookings. If you are booking online and using a gift voucher or prepaid treatment concession you must still leave a 50% deposit which will be refunded after your appointment, alternatively you can call us on (03) 5249 5747 to use the value of your gift voucher for your deposit.

If you need to cancel your appointment and would like to keep your deposit you must reply to the automatic confirmation SMS message, or advise us over the phone 24 hours before your appointment is scheduled. Our phone number is (03) 5249 5747. Cancellations are not accepted via social media.

We do not add a surcharge on public holidays, however when we are open on a public holiday we reserve the right to request a 100% deposit on any appointments. This deposit is forfeit in the event of the appointment being cancelled or postponed less than 48 hours before it is scheduled, or if you do not attend.